1980s Ibanez ST55 Solidbody Electric Guitar

The ST55 debuted in 1979 and was originally had a set neck in a multi-piece mahogany body. In '80 it changed to a birch/mahogany construction and the top and back of this one certainly look like birch to me.  The Ibanez Wiki page has plenty of info on the model, if you're interested!

Suffice to say, Ibanez (this one's a FujiGen product) had a number of pretty similar models at the same time and the basic recipe is a rawk version of a Les Paul-ish guitar that's gained some PRS-a-like features. Ancel worked on this one for an acquaintance of his, but I did get to play it for a moment and it reminded me a lot of the PF300 I had in a while back.

The neck is very much a clone of a '70s Gibson sort-of profile and even 3-piece with a "volute" like Gibsons at the time.

Forgive the mismatched hardware all over -- Ancel raided my parts-bins for whatever needed replacing on it.