2010s Lag T200DCE Cutaway Dreadnought Guitar

Lag instruments were made in France before greatly expanding and are now built in China. They have a number of interesting features and a whole line devoted to "green" woods as well.

From my point of view, this model is a rather typical modern cutaway dreadnought guitar and its cedar top over mahogany back and sides sound reminds me of early-'80s Daions and mid-'90s Seagulls. Individual notes don't sound amazing at first, but when you start playing it as a chordal instrument and play strings against one another in melody work, it opens-up in all sorts of ways. 

Bonus features compared to other brands at this same price point include fancy wood-bound trim and a slick-looking rosette. This particular version of the guitar has a pickup built-in, too. The neck profile is pretty "bog-standard" modern -- a slim C profile with a flatter fretboard. It handles sort-of Taylor-like.