1915 Gibson Style A Carved-Top Mandolin

Who doesn't like a Gibson A mandolin? They're like the quintessential "old time" or "folksy" mandolin sound. They're round and warm and punchy and can be heard all over the place. Some folks think the '20s ones are the best of the bunch but in truth these instruments are all over the map as far as tone/responsiveness goes and you really need to play a number of them to find the one that "clicks" for you. I find myself drawn more to the '10s era instruments for the most part -- they tend to be a hair less punchy but sweeter-sounding.

A local customer brought this in for resale a while ago and we finally got it going. It arrived looking beautiful but needing some work to bring it up to snuff. Its serialization places it at 1915 and it's original throughout and pretty dang clean save for a replacement ebony bridge and new frets. The original bridge is stowed in the case pocket and I don't know anyone who actually loves original Gibson fretwire, so I think we're winning on those accounts!

Work included regluing to the fretboard, a board plane, a refret, side dots, and fitting of a new adjustable bridge for ease-of-use. It's playing spot-on and is ready to go and even comes with its original case.