1945 Gibson LG-2 00-Size Guitar

This is another "Banner" LG-2 that my friend Mike found. It's an unusual one as it sports x-bracing but with a mahogany top. Its factory order number suggests 1945 manufacture and, judging by the extant truss rod, I would say that makes sense as I imagine steel supply shortages were less severe in '45 than in '44. I could be talking a lot of nonsense, however, so please correct me if I'm wrong, Gibsonians!

While the neck and headstock appear to have original finish that's been oversprayed with a clearcoat, I'm not entirely sure what to think of the body. It's definitely been hit with a nitro finish topcoat as it has some crackle here and there, but I think it's far too clean to be original. I'm almost wondering if the body was entirely refinished at one point. If it was, the job was pretty darn good as that sunburst is attractive.

Some work had been done on this guitar in the past -- including a wonky-looking Martin-style belly bridge that was installed (hey, I've been there) -- but it did need a neck reset, fret level/dress, new saddle, and other minor adjustments to get it playing spot-on.

Post-repairs it's in good order and it has an interesting, harmonics-rich, ridiculously-sustained voice that seems to suit open tunings and fingerpicking best. It's got the usual, giant, "Banner" neck, too.