1955 Harmony Roy Rogers 3/4 (Terz) Guitar

My buddy Owen picked this adorable old Harmony cowboy guitar up locally. It was in excellent visual shape but needed a neck reset, replacement bridge, a level/dress of the frets, and setup-side work -- which it got! It now plays spot-on and is strung with a set of 54w-12 gauges for E-to-E standard tuning.

It has solid birch throughout the body, ladder-bracing, a poplar neck, ebonized maple fretboard, and a replacement ebony bridge. The original bridge was just... bolted... on and a little too small a footprint for good seating. I cut down and modified a Martin-factory ebony bridge to fit and I think the result is a nice-looking compromise.

Aside from the neck reset and bridge shaping, Jose did the rest of the work and I hope he's proud of how it turned-out -- it's a little sweetheart! I mean, it does sound pretty boxy and "zithery" as its construction can only sound that way, but I think it will be fun for Owen as a take-along road-buddy.