1960s Fender 1060 (Harmony H1260) Jumbo Guitar (X-Braced)

My friend Phil owns this guitar and has had it up here for a while. It's, at heart, a Harmony H1260 Sovereign. Fender bought these from Harmony and had them fit their branding and Fender-style bridge to the guitars at the factory.

The interesting thing about this one is that, in recent memory, someone both repaired a broken headstock and also rebraced it to an odd, tall, scalloped x-bracing. The neck had an attempted reset but the angle was too low. It also had the board planed but... it wasn't refretted! Someone planed the board and then put the original frets back in. It's so odd...

Anyhow, work was the usual -- a neck reset, fret level/dress, a fill/recut to the saddle slot and a new bone saddle, some seam repairs, and install of a vintage '60s DeArmond magnetic pickup (complete with grounding at the bridge plate). I had to install the pickup's "wing" under the pickguard, unfortunately, as it was too proud with the "wing" over it.

It's playing bang-on after work and is strung with a set of 54w-12 nickel-wounds.