1960s Hagstrom (Bjarton) Senorita Classical Guitar

Apparently, this model was called the "Senorita" and was one of two classical models generally available in the late '60s in the Hagstrom catalog. I'm guesstimating this is from around '67 to '69 as in '70 this same model got a big old Hagstrom logo inlaid in the front of the headstock. They weren't made by Hagstrom themselves but were, rather, made by another Swedish company (Bjarton) for the brand. Before that, a number of classical models were made by Levin for Hagstrom and rebranded as well.

It's lightweight, built nicely, and has a good, comfortable feel. I'm pretty sure the top is solid but the back and sides are more than likely ply mahogany. It has a nice-looking rosette, retro-Spanish-inspired headstock shape with inlaid center strip, quality tuners, and a friendly "feel" overall.

Post-work it's playing spot-on and ready to serve and has a good "folk/flamenco" sound and voice suitable for folk-strummers and fingerpickers.

Because we had to bring the saddle height down, we also converted the stringing to "string-through" like on a lot of modern ukuleles -- you pass the string through a hole in the top, pull it out the soundhole to knot/ball the end, and then pull it back up to snug against the back of the top before going up to the tuner.

Repairs included: a heavy-handed fret level/dress, bridge modification, and setup.

  • Weight: 3 lbs 11 oz
  • Scale length: 25 1/2"
  • Nut width: 2"
  • Neck shape: medium C
  • Board radius: flat
  • Body width: 14 3/8"
  • Body depth: 3 3/4"
  • Top wood: solid spruce
  • Back & sides wood: ply mahogany
  • Bracing type: fan
  • Bridge: rosewood
  • Fretboard: rosewood (I believe, very dark)
  • Neck wood: mahogany
  • Action height at 12th fret: 3/32” overall (fast, spot-on)
  • String gauges: D'Addario medium-tension Pro-Artes
  • Truss rod: non-adjustable
  • Neck relief: minor ski-jump/twist ameliorated through level/dress of frets
  • Fret style: lower/wider

Condition notes: it has usewear in evidence throughout with some pickwear around the soundhole. There's fine-line hairline checking in the finish throughout (which is what we want to see -- looks great) and some minor nicks/dings/scratches here and there -- a few nicks on the back/sides of the neck, too.

It comes with: a chip case.

Consignor tag: TW


Oyvind said…
This is a Hagstrom HC-20. Back and sides are walnut. It was most likely shipped from the factory in December 1967. I own the same model (branded Bjärton La Rita) from 1969. It's a very nice guitar.