1960s Harmony H417 Archtop A-Style Mandolin

I picked-up this mandolin in part of a group purchase and then gave it a fret level/dress, some saddle and bridge work, and setup work and it was ready to roll. Interesting features of these Monterey mandolins from the late '60s and early '70s include 18:1 geared tuners at the headstock (nice to have!) and solid maple back and sides with a spruce top. They're press-arched tops rather than carved, but this particular mandolin sounds surprisingly good -- easily a pretty decent match for a same-period Gibson A-50.

Anyhow, this left pretty-much as soon as it was fixed-up as a local player snagged it the morning after I finished it.


Ben Jackson said…

Is a Marquis mandolin the same as this model just with different branding?

Ben J
Nick R said…
"Marquis by Harmony" mandolins appear to be Far Eastern- probably Korean made instruments and date from after the original Harmony company closed for business early 1977.