2006 National M2 Woodbody Resonator Guitar

This is a customer's M2 resonator guitar that was in for a neck reset, fret level/dress, setup, and K&K pickup install. It's come out of work playing spot-on and sounding delicious. I really do like the modern woodbody Nationals best out of their lineup -- they're lightweight, fundamental-sounding in nature, and are easy to enjoy.

I find that a lot of modern Nationals (just like the old ones) develop a fretboard hump past the body joint that makes fretting-out up near that region a normal occurrence after only a year or two after build, even if the action is pretty decent. This is because the dowel isn't supported in the body at the joint area with a shim (I always add one when I'm working on these) and so as the guitar settles-in you get a little "kink" at the joining fret and the 2 or 3 beyond it as tension is forced onto the board at the joint rather than onto the dowel.

The bad part is that you have to reset the neck and adjust all of the little wedges and whatnot under the fretboard inside the body, but thankfully I've worked on so many of the old ones that it's a routine, not-too-painstaking job for me these days.