2018 Tone King Falcon Grande 20w Tube amp

I bought this amp back in 2019 for use as a shop demo amp and then used it for a couple years straight on all of the electric videos in the shop. I still think this is pretty-much the best-sounding and most-useful tube amp that's graced the shop. It sounds glorious, has long spring reverb built-in (with a dwell control!), impeccable styling, three analog preamp voices ('60s blackfacey clean, '50s tweedy, and '60s Voxy-ish lead), and also a built-in, high-quality attenuator so you can play it as loud or as quiet as you'd like and have the tone remain the same.

I did sell it in the winter of '21, though, I think, as I was changing things around the shop and needing cash and changing my layout during our winter break. A friend was really into it and so I sold it to him at the time. He's since brought it back in for sale because he's finally bringing to Vermont his stash of amps that was in storage out west and he will soon be painfully amp-saturated!

Unfortunately, as a shop demo amp (for customers, not for recording videos or doing recording work with or the few gigs I used it for), it had a couple of "shop" flaws -- first, it's tube, so if people leave it on by accident over the weekend and I don't notice, I was paying for premature tube death -- second, the attenuator and power switch are on the back, so it's awkward to turn it on and set your level if you don't know the layout of the amp. I also really liked using the footswitch and leaving it connected but unless you know the amp, it's not obvious that the front-plate voicing controls are overridden by the footswitch controls for them when in use (this is a good thing, by the way). These were the reasons I sold it to my buddy -- things that a normal user would have no quibbles about but that for its intended use around the shop meant it wasn't working. I've since moved-on to various solid state amps as "main demo amps" on the floor because if someone needs a generic Fender tube sound to demo stuff, there are always a variety of other tube amps hanging around.

Still, the moment he brought this amp back through the door I had the flood of, "should I buy this back right now?" It's still my favorite tube amp ever made (it does all of the sounds I like from '50s and '60s amps and can be used at "small gig level" right down to "whisper-quiet-bedroom-level" and you can just stick a mic in front of it and get disgustingly-good recorded sounds.

If you look up "Jake Wildwood Check Engine" (that's the album title) on all of the various music streamers, you can in fact listen to an instrumental album I cut entirely with solo electric guitars and a single mic on this amp. It's got a mix of tones that I'm pulling from it.

As far as condition goes, it's in good order, clean, and all-original throughout save the tubes. I may have swapped the preamp tubes and power tubes for replacement TAD ones of good quality, though -- same specs as the original TADs that were in there.

There are a few nicks to the tolex covering here and there but they're tiny and you will not find them unless you're specifically looking for them. 

When this first shipped to me back in 2019 the fellow who sent it forgot to pad the back of the speaker against the rear housing and the speaker got loose on its mounts. I simply cleaned them up and then rotated the speaker a bit and reinstalled it. It's been good ever since.

It comes with its footswitch (with a generously-long cord) and a long power cable.