1960s Unmarked (German? Italian?) Classical Guitar

This slightly-downtrodden guitar is unmarked but more than likely German or Italian in origin, I think. It has that look and construction style about it. If I'm completely wrong about that, my last guess would be Japanese -- though most Japanese classicals at this point were ply-top instruments and this one is solid.

It was in for some rough, quick work -- we needed to level/dress the frets with a heavy hand and then modify the bridge enough to get the intonation and action at a place where it was quick and easy.

Post-repairs, it has a good, even sound and decent volume, too. If anyone knows more about this model and can peg a factory, please let me know.


Rein said…
It does look like someone at the factory actually reversed whatever template was used to route the tuner slots, with the ramps now facing the wrong way. That would almost make me guess DDR.
But I really would not know.