1967 Goya (Levin) N-21 00-Size Guitar

I bought this guitar from my friend Kevin in a lot of instruments. It's a nice old, Levin-made Goya from '67 and is basically like a Levin take on a Gibson LG-0. It's solid mahogany throughout, 00-size, has a 14-fret neck joint, is ladder-braced, and has a folksy/woody/bluesy vibe going on. I mean... if your eyes were closed and you heard this you would probably guesstimate it might be an LG-0 or something pretty similar.

Its neck is very curvy, though -- it has a slim-medium C profile on the rear but a really tight, ~7" or so radius on the board. It feels like playing a '60s Fender -- quick and round.

This guitar got snagged by a local customer on the quick -- she had mentioned wanting a nice, smaller acoustic. I have so few of those around because they sell so fast, but then I remembered that this had come into the shop recently and it was love at first strum, I believe.

Work included a neck reset, fret level/dress, new compensated bone saddle, and setup work.