1918 Vega Style 205 Cylinder-Back Mandolin

This is a customer's mandolin that was in for a level/dress of the frets and some glorified setup work.

These cylinder-back Vega beauties are instruments unto themselves. They sound pretty-much like nothing else in the mandolin world. I would maybe describe them as the fullest bowlback mandolin you've ever heard or maybe the clearest flatback mandolin you can find. They mix a bit of both elements in a super-playable (when spruced-up), pleasing form with excellent looks. I can't argue with a two-point body or a curvy back!

This one has fancy purfling and binding, a pearl-bedecked rosette and pickguard, and nice, engraved peal inlay in the fretboard. It arrived in good shape but missing its tailpiece cover and fit with a replacement (but very well-made) ebony bridge. The owner was worried about the cracks in the top but they had all been cleated before I set my hands on it and so all they needed was a little fill.

This particular instrument is solid spruce in the top and solid maple in the back and sides. It has a flamed maple neck and ebony fretboard and bridge.