1920s Regal-Made Fancy Stencil/Pearloid Parlor Guitar

While it's unmarked, this is definitely a Regal product. It has the usual "transverse ladder-bracing" and all of its features are a dead giveaway besides -- the colorful purfling on the top, shape and style of neck cut, the scale length, micro-button tuners at the headstock -- you name it.

This arrived via a customer needing repairs and, as you might expect, it needed the works despite looking nice. I gave it a neck reset, fret seating and level/dress, reglued some braces and seams, replaced the bridge with a new ebony one, fit a new bone saddle and new pins throughout, added side dots, and cleaned it up and set it up.

It's now playing spot-on and has a great, fingerpicking-centric sort-of sound. I like the transverse ladder sound -- the main brace is angled so as to favor a little extra bass response compared to normal ladder braces. This gives it more warmth and sustain to my ears but a little less snap and projection. It's a perfect guitar to sing with while fingerpicking.

The top is solid spruce, the back and sides are solid birch, it has a poplar neck, new ebony bridge, and maple fretboard with celluloid veneer. The celluloid pickguard is inlaid and the same material is used for the headstock veneer. It has some pretty slick floral stencils on the top, too!