1930s Bacon Belmont (Gretsch) Resonator Tenor Banjo

While the headstock reads Bacon, this is a banjo made by Gretsch after the Groton factory was shuttered. This same general instrument was made right through the '40s and Gretsch-made Bacons are actually the most seen examples of the brand as far as what shows-up through the shop.

It's a good, upper-mid-grade instrument with features (nice flange, sunburst-looking celluloid veneers) borrowed from the look and style of the fancier Bacons of the time. It has a simple hoop tonering but boy does this thing pop and cut. It's got plenty of zip for band use.

Tim worked on this one -- it got a level/dress of the frets, new bridge, some reinforcement bolts for the neck joint (hidden behind the dowel-tightener plate, a new head, cleaning, and setup-side work. The owner didn't want to swap tuners so she will, unforunately, have to get used to the friction pegs. It plays quick and easy, the neck is straight, and it's ready to serve.