1940s Electromuse 10A 1x8" Tube Amp

This cute little guy was made by Valco (National) for the Electromuse brand in the late '40s (or possibly early '50s). Output seems between 3-5w and it's fairly quiet at maximum volume compared to a Champ (as it's less efficient) but is great for driven, bluesy sounds at low volume for recording or playing in your local, mellower jam group or the like. I imagine it would be pretty nice for a mic'd stage setup, too, or as a harmonica amp.

Winfield Holt (of Speaking Volumes up in Burlington) went through it and it's got a 3-prong cord and is running well. It has a little bit of a "washy hiss" when running but you don't notice it when you're playing. I tend to think of little amps like these as "one trick pony" or "recording buddy" devices -- for use in the same way you might use a pedal -- it's an effect for your instrument but probably not useful as your main amp.

It's all-original save a few minor components inside as I recall.