1956 Fender Stringmaster D8 Dual Eight-String Console Lap Steel Guitar

A local customer dropped this gorgeous old Fender steel off for consignment. It has a 1956 serial number stamped on one of the bridge plates and is all-original except for the fact that it was refinished to natural at one point (guessing: '70s!) and while the job is good, it does show its original white/cream finish under the bridge and tuner plates.

Both necks are 22 1/2" scale and the "closer" neck is tuned to E9 while the "farther" neck is tuned to C6. I've sprayed-out the pots and cleaned it up a bit but that was all that was needed. All of the original wiring is in good order and working just fine.

It, of course, has its original legs and said legs stow nicely in the case and extend high enough to play in a band standing-up if desired (that's the way I like 'em). Each neck has two single-coil pickups and a hidden "balance" control pot under the wrist-rest-covers. This pot can be turned to get more of the "neck" pickup or more of the "bridge" pickup but I think the best and most classic Fender steel sound is right about in the middle. Of course, the pickups (when selected in the "middle") function as a humbucker, too, which helps if you're playing in noisy places.

There's wear and tear to the finish here and there but overall it looks great. I always liked the little decorative diamonds Fender added to hide the side-to-side body attachment hardware on these, too. It's just such a classic look...