1960s Silvertone 1482 15w 1x12" Tube Amp Combo (Modded)

Here's a quite cool take on an old 1482. This amp has been rehoused in a new, ply-maple, ply-baffle cabinet, completely gone-through, and equipped with fresh tubes, a fresh speaker, and an excellent grill cloth. Winfield Holt of Speaking Volumes up in Burlington did all the work and it's ready to go.

In his words:

[Here's a] Silvertone 1482 restoration from the chassis-up. After a ton of work, this garage rock animal is sounding better than ever & looking the part as well.

[It's had a] complete circuit overhaul, new tubes, new maple ply cabinet & speaker baffle, new Jensen reissue speaker, [and is] finished off with some cool, Klon-style knobs. 

As you can hear in the video, the "special sauce" is when the amp is dimed, of course, though it has a super-charming, mid-volume, clean tone with just a little bit of edge to it.


McComber said…
Oh man, Jake, it sure is a treat to hear you play through this gem!