1974 Guild D-35 Dreadnought Guitar

An acquaintance of mine has been waiting ages for me to finish this off. The shop has been completely overrun by insanity for years, now, however, and it only gets crazier, so I was very relieved to have finished this up for him recently. It's been a guitar he's loved for a long time but it had fallen on hard times by way of tons of cracks, a cracked-up bridge, and need for a neck reset.

Said work got done -- I gave it a neck reset, fret level/dress, made a new repro bridge (well, Jake-style but with the Guild outline, anyway), installed a ridiculous amount of cleats for all of the many top cracks and then sealed them, too, solved the tuners-falling-off issue, made a new saddle, and set it all up. It's now performing perfectly and has a clean, easy, mids-forward sound that's a lot of fun to strum with a heavy hand.

Bonus points to whoever put the maple leaf in the fretboard...!