1985 Gibson Les Paul Custom 3-Pickup Electric Guitar

Rawk-nnnnnnn-rawlllll! Three pickups? Nicotine-yellowed white finish? Gold plating? All that trim? How could one go wrong? ...and I mean, aside from the usual Les Paul weight, that is...

This 3-pickup Custom was in for a leveldress of the frets, setup work, and wiring checks. I replaced a bad old jack with a new one and spied on the wiring scheme. Someone replaced the original bridge volume pot with a push-pull that adds or subtracts the middle pickup as desired. So, in effect, the guitar behaves like a normal 2-pickup LP except when that knob is pulled-up (to add the middle pickup in any position). It's a nice wiring scheme, too, because it skips all of the "middle-ish" switch positions that oh-so-many of us will just pass right by.