2008 Gallagher G-70M 12-Fret Dreadnought Guitar

I am fortunate enough to have been given this guitar as a gift. That's a big gift! I will honor it and pick on it and keep it humming and making music. I've been picking on it all weekend already. I was bowled-over by this, in fact. As someone who runs a shop with so much fine gear passing through, the irony is that I never hold onto nice equipment very long if I have it in my own possession because I need to put the money back into the business. It's nice to have an excuse not to do that.

Strangely-enough, I used to play a 12-fret D-18 for a while. I love the roundness of the sound on a 12-fret dreadnought (I mean, Norman Blake!) but never got used to the wide neck on the Martin. I liked flatpicking tunes on it but for chordal backup doing two-hour shows it killed my left hand. This Gallagher has a much quicker, more Gibson-like profile and curvier fretboard that keeps it comfortable.

It's spruce over Madagascar rosewood (one of my favorites and my go-to for replacing old Martin bridges when possible) and has an ebony board and bridge. There's herringbone trim on the top edge and soundhole and it has a nice, mulitcolored backstrip.

All I had to do was cleat a center seam top separation below the bridge, fill it, and then set it up.


Rob Gardner said…
Very nice guitar, Jake, beautifully made. You deserve a guitar of this quality and I look forward to hearing you play it. Nobody gives a guitar like this to somebody else without feeling, without appreciation, without gratitude. I hope you play the crap out of it.
McComber said…
I second what Rob says, Jake. Soo many of us are playing treasure guitars that we never dared to dream of playing, because you got them singing again and into our very fortunate hands. It's great to see you with a very fine guitar, you sure deserve it and more.
Phillips said…
I third there comments, play it in good health