2024 Orator 1x12" Tube Amp

This is an Orator amp made by Winfield Holt of Speaking Volumes and it’s tremendous! Shop friend John and I got to walk through it and play it the other day and it’s a beastie — high-quality throughout, big and bold-sounding, and extremely versatile. It also helps that it’s eye candy. I only wish I had been less busy as we could've hooked-up the camera and taken a vid!

There’s an interesting tone-shaping component to the amp (which has a more or less tweedy voice) that lets you “clean up” your driven sound easily to switch from wide-open, radial airplane engine sounds to more of a tight, punchy, Voxy (not really but sort-of) sound and points in-between. 

Anyhow, we were definitely impressed. Everything on this is really well-thought-out and it reminds me of the pleasure factor when I played my first nice Swart or Carr -- albeit more refined, I think. It's much easier to dial-in a sound you're looking for rather than just accepting the sound of the amp as it is, even though that is a great sound to begin-with.