1900s German-Made 4/4 "Bikini" Violin

I didn't even have time to take a video of this fiddle before it left for its new home. Andy, our bowed guy, did all the work on it and it was playing spot-on and ready to serve when it left. It's unmarked but almost certainly a German import from around 1900-1910 or so. It has some nice figured maple in the back and sides and a really distinct "bikini" or "one-piece" sunburst-style finish on the top. I'm guessing it's trying to emulate a ton of rosin build-up over time...?

In any case, it looks and sounds a champ and I'm glad it went to a place where it will be loved. Andy did a bunch of work -- it got a board reglue, board plane/level/polish-up, seam repairs, bridge work, soundpost work, and all of the other little adjustments that bring a fiddle back to life.