1930s Collegiate (Regal) Electrified Hawaiian Guitar

Availability: This instrument is SOLD.

Back in 2016, my buddy Steve had me concoct this madness for him. It's an old Hawaiian-style parlor guitar (made by Regal) that I fit a P90 to, wired-up, and made useful as a... hollowbody lap steel? Electrified Hawaiian guitar...? If you close your eyes and discount the "breathy" hollowbody voice, it does a good Gibson BR9 impression, to be honest. If you open your eyes and embrace the wacky, you can envision yourself as a transported Sol Hoopii, perhaps...?

This was just recently purchased in-shop but I had already done a fresh video and taken all of these slick 8x10" glossy photos, so I figured I'd re-share this unlikely hero in all of its loveliness...

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