1985 Fender Japan Telecaster Electric Guitar

I'm a fan of old '80s Japanese Fenders -- they're consistently-great guitars. This one has an '85 date-stamp at the heel and was just in for some repairs. The bridge pickup had been almost eaten by corrosion of the bridge plate around it and this guitar has seen some pretty good wear and tear over its life, too.

It wound-up getting a fresh wiring harness (save the 3-way switch), a level/dress of the frets, and setup work. I was pretty amazed that the bridge pickup hadn't been destroyed and remained useful.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share this guy because it's got the look and also the sound. I probably would have made a go for it if I knew the owner was at all wanting to sell!


Josh said…
I see it has a reverse control plate mod, which locates the volume knob to the sweet spot for volume swells. Nice!