1970s German-made Dynacord Mosquito 8-ohm PA Speaker Pair

These pole-mountable, German-made speakers are quality products and sound great. They were in use with a friend's old Yamaha EM-100 mixer but will work with anything that'll run 8-ohm-or-above speakers. Tone is even, clean, and full-range. The bass is respectable for the size, too.

I jacked it into a couple of PAs to try them out but they also work well with guitar amps, surprisingly. I stuck a '60s Fender Bassman into one and it had a good, full sound to it -- with a bit more articulation in the upper-mids and highs without being screechy.

They're ultra-portable and have hammered-aluminum-style cases with removable lids and handles. They're a bit heavy because of all this over-built design, but considering how good they sound and how good their condition is after a solid decade of use and then roving-about afterwards, I'm pretty impressed.

There are pole-mount sockets on the bottom of the cabinets and angled vents for the ports at the grill so you can point your sound this-way and that-way. I find those vents a liability for guitar-amp use (cranked = minor rattle), but for PA use they're useful in the pole-mount setup.