1985/2018 Time "Salvaged" Electric Guitar

My friend Rick (check out his FB feed/videos/etc. here, many of which feature this slab) acquired this in '18 from the leftover stock of the shuttered Time factory (a somewhat-famous Vermont make -- Paul Languedoc hails from that shop). It was just a husk at that point -- body and neck that'd just been sprayed, with the tape still over the binding and fretboard, and left as-is ever since.

In the summer of '18 I put it together for him as an actual guitar per his specs and the parts he handed me. This meant cutting a new pickguard in the style of the originals, getting the neck and frets true, and fitting all the hardware and wiring -- as well as a lot of scraping/cleaning-up due to the masking tape left on for three decades.

As you might expect, the double-bucker setup is straight-up late-'70s/early-'80s in tone and this is definitely meant to be a rawk machine. The neck is hard maple and so's the body. It's tough and the set neck blends nicely into the body contours.

I figured I'd share since I never did get to snap photos. Sorry about the missing high E -- he'd just snapped it while noodling... of course I put one back on afterwards...!

Here's a link to a post I did on it back in 2018 with some before pics from Rick.