1985/2020 Time "Salvaged Tiger" Electric Guitar

Um, so, yes. I'll let you read about the "salvaged husk of a Time guitar" story over at my blog post for its black/white brother. Suffice to say, this was the same deal and was acquired by my friend Rick in the same way -- as a body/neck husk left in the spray room when the Time factory shuttered. But, eh, this one arrived painted in fluorescent pink-fuchsia-orange tiger-stripes all-over.

What do you do with that? Clearly, Rick's solution (and I agreed) was to just make it louder (visually). It's funny, but in person this guitar doesn't look real. The colors are so strong and vibrant that it looks like someone yanked a guitar out of the pages of an '80s or '90s comic book -- like it's some long-forgotten superhero's mystical axe.

The process was the same as for the white guitar -- getting the neck/body up to snuff and then cutting a new pickguard, fitting all the hardware, doing the wiring, modding where needed, and putting it all together. Instead of doing a more-typical Time pickguard shape, I cut this one a little narrower at the waist so that more of the stripes could be revealed. This is key -- because check out the end of this post for a blacklight photo from Rick.

These have short, 24 1/2" scale lengths and super-fast, very stable necks and so the handling is a lot like a blend between a Gibson SG and a Mustang/Jaguar. There's tons of fret access and it's not ultra-heavy despite being made entirely from maple.

Here's how it arrived, above.


...getting there...




Jacob Gregory said…
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Jacob Gregory said…
Love it! Give it some DR Luminescent Neon Orange strings.
Fast Jimmy said…
So, all in all, kinda hard to misplace on stage!
Jim Gager