1930s Favilla-made P'MICo Poplar Ukulele

This uke was a bit of a rush repair. Its family history is important to the owner and she brought it in on Saturday hoping it might be a quick fix. I had to take it overnight and the next day, though, going through the whole thing -- a neck reset, bridge reglue, seam repairs, brace reglues/repairs, fretwork, the whole nine yards -- as it'd been dried-out thoroughly at some point.

Fixed-up, it has a chipper-but-mellow voice with a sweet presence to it. It's relaxed.

I'm certain that this style of P'MICo uke was made by Favilla. You want references? The closest things available are the Favilla painted ukes which also feature poplar (rather than birch or mahogany) bodies. Check the shape of the heel, back of the headstock, and overall body shape.

Check this one, this one, and this one out for comparison. Also see this mahogany uke and also this one for other style cues.

Here's some of the clamping festivities that went on...