1990s Dusty Strings D-10 Hammered Dulcimer

Dusty Strings is still building, but this hammered dulcimer was made in the '90s per its styling and kit. I sold one of these back in 2016 as well, but I can definitely tell you it's fun to have a hammered dulcimer in the shop. Folks just like to pick up the mallets and play.

This one is definitely a bit more "dusty" and has a little grime built-up near the string pins and under the playing area, but I've wiped it down. I haven't yet tuned it all up to pitch but to my ears it sounds just like the other one I had through -- chimey, clean, sweet, and full. The strings on this show plenty of oxidation. Like old piano wire, it just keeps going, but you'd definitely have a livelier/brighter tone with fresh wire.

The top and back are solid mahogany while the sides ad a mix of walnut and maple. It's crack-free, in good technical order, and only shows mild wear to the edges here and there from handling. This was kept-out and played daily, I'm told, by the previous owner.

It comes with mallets, a tuning wrench, instructional book, screw-attached leg to stabilize it in the lap while sitting with it and playing, and a nice gigbag that also holds all that stuff.