Local Flavor: Sunset, Finally Some Snow

Oh, this time of year is bananas. There's a lot of hustle-bustle to get orders out and send-home repairs as quickly as I can. I don't know how you all do things in your lives, but around here I know that I have a 2-week break starting on Xmas Eve and I push as hard as I can until that break and then give-up until I find reasons to putter-around fixing non-musical things around the house a week later.

This year I'm dreading-excited-dreading it, in a way, because I'm working my brain up to tiling the upstairs bathroom. Ergh... or maybe not?

Saturday was mostly a snowday, as seen via our porch step -- though my Thirdly-Thus-Named-Pal Norm did pick up his Gretsch (crazy man!) in the winter wondermess.

We'd received one good snow earlier this month but that melted entirely the next day and then gave-way to 50-60F daytime temperatures for a few days after. That makes us Twice-Indian-Summer? Sheesh!

This is what I like to see! Quiet around the place and hundreds of miles of slippery road that you can't traverse to get to me... so I can get the last good push of the year done and through. Mwahahaha... just kidding, much love to you all and all that...

Today (Sunday, that is, despite the blog post date-stamp), we all decided to go tobogganing at the school's big hill in town and do lunch at Sandy's. To get there, though, I had to shovel-out and get the car clean. Elsa asked if she could help and I told her to sit tight instead... and become one with the snow... while I shoveled it all onto her.

Earlier this month, Bonnie and I were up for a very short trip to Burlington -- we had to head-back fast to grab the kids from school, though. Here's Church Street in the rain-sleet-rain.

Off-duty, I take relaxation when I can -- here Kazoo and I finally find some time to meet-up in front of the (needing-to-be-cleaned-out!) pellet stove.

More photo-land dispatches soon, folks. It's that time of year again.