1970s Harmony H6362 000-Size Flattop Guitar

This '70s-era Harmony H6362 seems to be a replacement model for both the downmarket H162 model and the upmarket H1203 model -- combining features of both. It has the slimmer neck profile, truss rod, and fancier body trim like a late-'60s H1203 but a poplar neck and simpler headstock. Tonewise, it sounds almost identical to the H1203 models, but the plastic-saddle adjustable bridge gives it slightly more "woody air" or something to that effect.

I worked on this for a local customer and it arrived clean but needing a bit of attention -- the neck needed a reset and the frets needed a level/dress. Post-work it plays on-the-dot and now has adjustment room at the saddle for setting action as the seasons change.

It's ladder-braced, solid spruce in the top, and has solid mahogany back and sides. The nut is a hair under 1 3/4" in width and it has the usual 25 1/8" Harmony scale length. I suggest no heavier than 52w-11 on these but they come in all the time with 54w-12 strings and only slightly suffer for them...