Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Upcoming Shows

May 21 (Thur) - as Jake Wildwood & Friends
@ Federated Church in Rochester, VT 7:00 PM (Free!)

May 22 (Fri) - with Rick Redington (songwriter duo)
@ Bentley's in Woodstock, VT 7:00 PM (Free!)

June 5 (Fri) - as part of The Three Good Eggs
@ The Wild Fern in Stockbridge, VT 7:00 PM (Free!)

July 4 (Sat) - as part of Whoever Shows Up
@ Rochester Park in Rochester, VT 12:30 PM (Free!)

July 16 (Thur) - as part of The Three Good Eggs
@ Hancock Green in Hancock, VT 6:30 PM (Free!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sketchbook A

If any of you like vaguely jazzy electric guitar riffing... I'm starting to upload "sketches" -- short instrumental albums -- as a way to share some of my "off-record" records. The first one is a bit of solo 'lectric and if you want to hear it...