Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Date

I'll be playing this Friday (Nov 20) at the Wild Fern in Stockbridge, VT at 7pm. I'll be on my lonesome for the first time in years -- which will be fun as I'll be flipping through my songbooks and playing new and old stuff I don't play out too often. Hope you can be there!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Keeping Busy

The Summer season this year was pretty busy -- in a good way! -- but now that the live stuff has calmed down I've actually started real work on the next album. I've got two planned-out right now (and hope to get them both done before 2016) but the next one to finish-up will be bookending a lot of the music I've written-for and played-with the Baba Yagas the past couple years.

That means it'll be minor-blues, gypsy-jazzy, honky-tonky and vaguely swing-influenced. Can't wait to get through it! I've been wanting to share this stuff for a while now outside of concerts.

In other news: my sole October date at the moment is Friday the 16th at our usual haunt: Heather's The Wild Fern in Stockbridge, VT.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Audio: The Eggs at Hancock Bandstand

Here's the captured audio from yesterday's Hancock, VT performance by the Three Good Eggs -- hope you enjoy!

In other news -- this Saturday I'm playing with The Baba Yagas (plus Ron Douglas on drums as the 4th Yaga) at 4:30 to start of Rochester, VT's "SummerNight" event. It'll be very strange, somewhat garage-band rocky, and should be lots of fun! There's a ton of other bands playing that evening so I hope everyone turns out for the music, food, and art all around town.