Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fall Interrupts

Last weekend was the Harvest Fair and The Three Good Eggs were invited to play (above pic). I also ran sound for the event this year and had a lot of fun plugging things in for friends and other local bands.

After apple-picking yesterday, I'm of the opinion that Fall has come and is interrupting the end of Summer. It's going to be indoor performances, soon! Still, we have a few left outdoors -- and I've added a couple more to the "shows" page.

Hot on the heels of Chiles Rellenos, I've also started to record material for the next album which will be a bit on the darker side and somewhat more upbeat. Plectrum banjo and electric tenor guitar are a feature. Oh no!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Album: Chiles Rellenos

Finally a new one! After two years, I stole enough time to get this late-summer-sounding, acoustic piece together. The songs are all from the last couple years and I've picked the sweeter ones for this batch. Instruments are simple and kept to the background in the form of ukes, high-strung guitar, and bass -- this is a "words" album.

Summer, Summer, Summer!

Summer has been good for shows around here -- especially for our group The Three Good Eggs. All of our favorite "on the various parks" gigs are now, for the most part, over -- but! -- I've listed a few more upcoming shows on the shows page. The two to look out for most are Sept 10th at Rochester's Harvest Fair and Sept 16th at The Wild Fern where I'm doing a duo-show with my buddy Rick Redington.

Above is a pic snagged of us at a friend's party -- but here you get to see Tom and Forrest in their natural, wide-eyed, folksy, emotional disposition. See you out there!